Save Wizard

Giving you access to some of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4, Save Wizard for PS4 allows you to cheat on YOUR save allowing never before seen amounts of money, max ammo, character stats and more!

Save Wizard for PS4 is a TRUE SAVE EDITOR allowing you to cheat on YOUR saves. These are not pre-made, unchecked poor quality saves with alleged "cheats" uploaded by others. These are in-house produced and tested cheats which you can apply to YOUR save at any point and at any time. Using our custom technology, we can help you beat the game or breath new life into a forgotten classic.

Optimized to work with your PlayStation 4 without the need to do illegal modifications, Save Wizard for PS4 is an easy-to-use program. All you need is a PlayStation 4 with the "Copy to USB Storage Device" function enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this), a computer running Windows 7 or higher with internet connection and any compatible USB drive (not supplied).

Save Wizard for ps4 supports all regions apart from Japan. Although we try our very best to obtain all the various regions of the same game, sometimes this is not possible. However, if a game is shown as supported but not recognized, please let us know.

How does it work?

Save Wizard for ps4 is so easy to use. Simply copy your save from your PlayStation 4 to any compatible USB drive and insert into your PC. Once Save Wizard for ps4 has detected all supported saves, simply choose and apply the cheats. Copy your save from the USB drive to your PlayStation 4 and load your game!

What games and cheats are currently supported?

The following is a list of all supported games and cheats currently included in Save Wizard for ps4. Don't forget, this list is updated as we add more games and cheats!

Total number of games: 182
Total number of cheats: 10952
Last updated: 22nd of October 2017 at 19:18 (UTC)
Added: Oct 18th
You MUST have at least one of the item for the cheat to work.
Aromatic Ooze
Alluring Skull
Amber Herbs
Bleed Stone
Blackweed Balm
Bleeding Serum
Bonfire Ascetic
Black Firebomb
Cracked Red Eye Orb
Cracked Blue Eye Orb
Common Fruit
Charcoal Pine Resin
Corrosive Urn
Crimson Water
Darknight Stone
Dried Root
Dragon Eye
Dung Pie
Dark Pine Resin
Dark Troches
Dragon Scales
Dragon Charm
Divine Blessing
Elizabeth Mushrooms
Estus Shards
Flame Butterfly
Fire Seed
Fading Soul
Firedrake Stone
Fragrant Branch Of Yore
Green Blossom
Goldenfruit Balm
Gold Pine Resin
Human Effigy
Hexing Urn
Holy Water Urn
Homeward Bones
Lloyds Talisman
Lightning Urn
Lacerating Knife
Large Soul Of A Lost Undead
Large Soul Of A Nameless Soldier
Large Soul Of A Proud Knight
Large Soul Of A Brave Warrior
Large Titanite Shards
Loyce Soul
Magic Stone
Monastery Charm
Old Radiant Lifegems
Old Growth Balm
Old Mundane Stone
Petrified Something
Poison Moss
Poison Throwing Knife
Pharros Lockstone
Petrified Egg
Poison Stone
Petrified Dragon Bone
Prism Stones
Rouge Water
Radiant Lifegems
Repair Powder
Rusted Coins
Rat Tails
Raw Stone
Rotten Pine Resin
Red Leech Troches
Small Orange Burr
Smelter Wedge
Silver Talisman
Soul Of A Great Hero
Soul Of A Brave Warrior
Soul Of A Hero
Soul Of A Proud Knight
Soul Of A Nameless Soldier
Small Smooth and Silky Stone
Small Yellow Burr
Soul Of A Lost Undead
Soul Of A Giant
Small Blue Burr
Smooth and Silky Stones
Simpleton's Spice
Soul Vessel
Skeptic's Spice
Seed Of A Tree Of Giants
Sunlight Medals
Sublime Bone Dust
Throwing Knife
Titanite Shards
Titanite Chunks
Titanite Slabs
Twinkling Titanite
Token Of Spite
Twilight Herbs
Token Of Fidelity
Triclops Snake Troches
Vine Balm
Wilted Dusk Herbs
Witching Urns
Soul Of Pursuer
Soul Of Last Giant
Soul Of Dragonrider
Soul Of Old Dragonslayer
Soul Of Flexile Sentry
Soul Of Ruin Sentinel
Soul Of Lost Sinner
Soul Of Executioner's Chariot
Soul Of Skeleton Lords
Soul Of Covetous Demon
Soul Of Mytha The Baneful Queen
Soul Of Smelter Demon
Soul Of Old Iron King
Soul Of Royal Rat Vanguard
Soul Of The Rotten
Soul Of Scorpioness Najka
Royal Rat Authority
Soul Of Duke's Dear Freja
Soul Of Looking Glass Knight
Soul Of Demon Of Song
Soul Of Velstadt
Soul Of The King
Soul Of Guardian Dragon
Soul Of Ancient Dragon
Soul Of Giant Lord
Soul Of Nashandra
Soul Of Throne Defender
Soul Of Throne Watcher
Soul Of Darklurker
Soul Of Belfry Gargoyle
Soul Of Old Witch
Soul Of Old King
Soul Of Old Dead One
Soul Of Old Paledrake
Soul Of Sinh
Soul Of Elana
Soul Of Nadalia
Soul Of Fume Knight
Soul Of Sir Alonne
Soul Of Aava
Soul Of Alsanna
Soul Of Ivory King
Soul Of Zallen
Soul Of Lud
You MUST have at least one of the item.
Alluring Skull
Black Bug Pellet
Black Firebomb
Blessed Gem
Blood Gem
Bloodred Moss Clump
Blooming Purple Moss Clump
Blue Bug Pellet
Budding Green Blossom
Carthus Rouge
Chaos Gem
Charcoal Pine Bundle
Charcoal Pine Resin
Cracked Red Eye Orbs
Crystal Gem
Dark Gem
Deep Gem
Divine Blessing (Must have 1 in storage)
Duel Charm
Dung Pie
Estus Shard
Fading Soul
Fire Gem
Forked Pale Tongue
Gold Pine Bundle
Gold Pine Resin
Green Blossom
Heavy Gem
Hidden Blessing (Must have 1 in storage)
Hollow Gem
Homeward Bone
Human Dregs
Human Pine Resin
Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse
Large Soul of an Intrepid Hero
Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Large Soul of a Proud Paladin
Large Soul of a Seasoned Warrior
Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler
Large Soul of a Weary Warrior
Large Titanite Shard
Lightning Gem
Lightning Urn
Pale Pine Resin
Pale Tongue
Poison Gem
Poison Throwing Knife
Prism Stone
Proof of a Concord Kept
Proof of a Concord Well Kept
Purging Stone
Purple Moss Clump
Raw Gem
Red Bug Pellet
Refined Gem
Repair Powder
Rime Blue Moss Clump
Rope Black Firebomb
Rope Firebomb
Rotten Pine Resin
Rusted Coin
Rusted Gold Coin
Seed of a Giant Tree
Sharp Gem
Shriving Stone
Simple Gem
Soul of a Champion
Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
Soul of a Deserted Corpse
Soul of a Great Champion
Soul of an Intrepid Hero
Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Soul of an Old Hand
Soul of a Proud Paladin
Soul of a Seasoned Warrior
Soul of an Unknown Traveler
Soul of a Venerable Old Hand
Soul of a Weary Warrior
Stalk Dung Pie
Sunlight Medal
Throwing Knife
Titanite Chunk
Titanite Scale
Titanite Shard
Twinkling Titanite
Undead Bone Shard
Undead Hunter Charm
Vertabrae Shackle
Wolf's Blood Swordgrass
Yellow Bug Pellet
Young White Branch
1 Of Every Item
99 Of Every Item
Aero Arts
Ansem's Report 1
Ansem's Report 10
Ansem's Report 2
Ansem's Report 3
Ansem's Report 4
Ansem's Report 5
Ansem's Report 6
Ansem's Report 7
Ansem's Report 8
Ansem's Report 9
Azal Vol 3
Blaze Gem
Blaze Shard
Blazing Stone
Blizzard Arts
Bright Crystal
Bright Gem
Bright Shard
Camping Set
Claw Marks
Crystal Trident
Cure Arts
Dark Matter
Dazzling Stone
Defense Up
Drinking Water
Emblem Piece
Emblem Piece 2
Emblem Piece 3
Emblem Piece 4
Empty Bottle
Energy Stone
Entry Pass
Fire Arts
Frost Gem
Frost Shard
Frost Stone
Fury Stone
Gravity Arts
Hafet Vol 4
Hero License
Khama Vol 8
Lightning Stone
Lucid Crystal
Lucid Gem
Lucid Shard
Matsutake Rank
Mava Vol 3
Mava Vol 6
Mystery Goo
Mystery Mold
Mythril Shard
Mythril Stone
Nahara Vol 5
Navi-G Piece
Navi-G Piece 2
Navi-G Piece 3
Navi-G Piece 4
Navi-Gummi 2
Old Book
Power Crystal
Power Gem
Power Shard
Power Stone
Power Up
Pretty Stone
Salegg Vol 6
Seagull Egg
Serenity Power
Shiitake Rank
Shiny Crystal
Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Spirit Gem
Spirit Shard
Stop Arts
Stormy Stone
Theon Vol 6
Thunder Arts
Thunder Gem
Thunder Shard
Torn Page
Torn Page 2
Torn Page 3
Torn Page 4
Torn Page 5
Double Grade (AP0) (Grade)
Advanced Divinity (AP0) (Grade)
Double Effect Potential (AP0) (Grade)
Double Damage (AP0) (Grade)
Double Style (AP0) (Grade)
Triple Style (AP0) (Grade)
Gald Style (AP0) (Grade)
Double Gald (AP0) (Grade)
Speed Arte Mastering (AP0) (Grade)
Double Normin (AP0) (Grade)
Double Drops (AP0) (Grade)
Skill Extension (AP0) (Grade)
30 Hit Bonus (AP20) (Mystic Artes)
10K Bonus (AP30) (Mystic Artes)
Deadly Rage (AP40) (Mystic Artes)
Swift Promenade (AP30) (Mystic Artes)
Miraculous Destiny (AP50) (Mystic Artes)
Friendly Link (AP50) (Mystic Artes)
Half Style (AP0) (Grade)
Just Execution (AP50) (Blast)
Retribution (AP20) (Armatization)
Unlimited (AP25) (Armatization)
Reviver (AP25) (Armatization)
Quick Banish (AP10) (Banish)
Banish Chain (AP12) (Banish)
Half And Half (AP2) (Technical)
Stepping Spell (AP20) (Technical)
Sub Partner Change (AP5) (Technical)
Sub Divinity (AP5) (Technical)
Character Change (AP5) (Technical)
Partner Blast (AP4) (Blast)
Blow Blast (AP4) (Blast)
Chain Blast (AP4) (Blast)
Split Guard (AP20) (Defense)
Snipe Charge (AP1) (Defense)
Blast Charge (AP2) (Defense)
Break Charge (AP3) (Defense)
Greater Heights (AP0) (Technical)
Charge Cast (AP0) (Technical)
Spirit Body (AP20) (Technical)
Free and Free (AP5) (Controls)
Aerial Recovery (AP5) (Controls)
Longer Step (AP5) (Controls)
Attack Step (AP5) (Controls)
Faster Stride (AP20) (Controls)
Appealing Guard (AP2) (Defense)
Hidden Guard (AP4) (Defense)
Push Guard (AP6) (Defense)
Auto Guard (AP4) (Support)
Auto Sidestep (AP4) (Support)
Auto Backstep (AP4) (Support)
Auto Frontstep (AP4) (Support)
Auto Divinity (AP10) (Support)
Auto Finality (AP10) (Support)
Added: Oct 20th
You must have a weapon equipped to use these cheats.
Yurugu Prism
Fritt Prism
Weeglee Prism
Bablizz Prism
Brrblizz Prism
Zapt Prism
Joult Prism
Goblin Prism
Red Cap Prism
Chocochick Prism
Black Chocochick Prism
White Chocobo Prism
White Nakk Prism
Black Nakk Prism
Babyhemoth Prism
Kuza Kit Prism
Dark Bahemoth Prism
Quacho Prism
Quachacho Prism
Moogle Prism
Glow Moogle Prism
Sharqual Prism
Nightsqual Prism
Red Bonnetberry Prism
Baby Tonberry Prism
Baby Paleberry Prism
Deathskull Prism
Mordskull Prism
Metaliskull Prism
Copper Gnome Prism
Lead Gnome Prism
Mu Prism
Reaver Mu Prism
Sea Snake Prism
Sea Serpent Prism
Minimantoise Prism
Flammantoise Prism
Brothetaur Prism
Sistertaur Prism
Water Toad Prism
Wind Toad Prism
Werebat Prism
Ice Bat Prism
Magic Pot Prism
Magic Jar Prism
Kobolt Mimic Prism
Sand Worm Prism
Sea Worm Prism
Right Claw Prism
Left Claw Prism
Bombino Prism
Mini Flan Prism
Kaguya Flan Prism
Mandragora Prism
Korrigan Prism
Manticore Prism
Sandicore Prism
Unicorn Prism
Nightmare Prism
Cockatrice Prism
Cocadrille Prism
Phoenix Prism
Iris Prism
Floating Eye Prism
Blood Eye Prism
Dualizard Prism
Bihydra Prism
Sylph Prism
Imp Prism
Garchimacera Prism
Mindflayer Prism
Squidraken Prism
Sky Dragon Prism
Spark Dragon Prism
Mist Dragon Prism
Mini Golem Prism
Water Golem Prism
Golem Head Prism
Cactuar Prism
Cactrot Prism
Cactuar Johny Prism
Titan Prism
Iron Muscles Prism
Black Mage Prism
Gilgamesh Prism
Master Moogle Prism
Master Cactuar Prism
Master Tonberry Prism
Master Chocochick* Prism
Mecha Chocobo* Prism
Boko Prism
Ifrit* Prism
Ifreeta* Prism
Shiva* Prism
Shivalry* Prism
Ramuh* Prism
Ramewl* Prism
Levihathan* Prism
Bahamut* Prism
Odin* Prism
Diabolos* Prism
Quacho Queen* Prism
Miney Prism
Mo Prism
Princess Goblin Prism
Ultros* Prism
Undead Princess Prism
Kupicaroon Prism
Topaz Carbuncle Prism
Nidhogg Prism
2P Tama Prism
2P Serafie Prism
Rename Prism
Fire Seed
Fira Seed
Firaga Seed
Blizzard Seed
Blizzara Seed
Blizzaga Seed
Thunder Seed
Thundara Seed
Thundaga Seed
Water Seed
Watera Seed
Waterga Seed
Aero Seed
Aerora Seed
Aeroga Seed
Quake Seed
Bio Seed
Drain Seed
Syphon Seed
Death Seed
Meteor Seed
Flare Seed
Holy Seed
Ultima Seed
Cure Seed
Cura Seed
Curaga Seed
Regen Seed
Esuna Seed
Raise Seed
Arise Seed
Protect Seed
Shell Seed
Haste Seed
Slow Seed
Reflect Seed
Dispel Seed
Libra Seed
Berserk Seed
Bravery Seed
Faith Seed
Balance Seed
Balancega Seed
Sleep Seed
Confuse Seed
Banish Seed
Banishra Seed
Abyss Seed
HP+ Seed
HP++ Seed
HP+++ Seed
Strengh+ Seed
Strengh++ Seed
Strengh+++ Seed
Defence+ Seed
Defence++ Seed
Defence+++ Seed
Magic+ Seed
Magic++ Seed
Magic+++ Seed
Magic Defence+ Seed
Magic Defence++ Seed
Magic Defence+++ Seed
Agility+ Seed
Agility++ Seed
Agility+++ Seed
Accuracy+ Seed
Accuracy++ Seed
Accuracy+++ Seed
Evasion+ Seed
Evasion++ Seed
Evasion+++ Seed
Critical+ Seed
Critical++ Seed
Critical+++ Seed
Fire Resistance+ Seed
Fire Resistance++ Seed
Fire Resistance+++ Seed
Ice Resistance+ Seed
Ice Resistance++ Seed
Ice Resistance+++ Seed
Thunder Resistance+ Seed
Thunder Resistance++ Seed
Thunder Resistance+++ Seed
Water Resistance+ Seed
Water Resistance++ Seed
Water Resistance+++ Seed
Wind Resistance+ Seed
Wind Resistance++ Seed
Wind Resistance+++ Seed
Earth Resistance+ Seed
Earth Resistance++ Seed
Earth Resistance+++ Seed
Light Resistance+ Seed
Light Resistance++ Seed
Light Resistance+++ Seed
Dark Resistance+ Seed
Dark Resistance++ Seed
Dark Resistance+++ Seed
All Restance + Seed
Resist Stun Seed
Resist Poison Seed
Resist Sleep Seed
Resist Confusion Seed
Resist Blindness Seed
Resist Oblivion Seed
Resist Berserk Seed
Resist Slow Seed
Resist Strength Down Seed
Resist Defence Down Seed
Resist Magic Down Seed
Resist Magic Defence Down Seed
Resist Accuracy Down Seed
Resist Evasion Down Seed
Safety Bit Seed
Stealth Seed
Vigilance Seed
First Strike Seed
Arma Gem
Ifrit Memento
Shiva Memento
Ramuh Memento
Andamantoise Memento
Hyperion Memento
Undead Princess Memento
Maduin Memento
Omega Memento
Ultima Weapon Memento
War Machine Memento
Einhander Memento
Cenchos Memento
Omega Bane Memento
Golem Head Memento
Mimic Queen Memento
Mecha Chocobo Memento
Princess Goblin Memento
Metalliskull Memento
Elefenrir Memento
Ultros Memento
Entom Soldier Memento
Valefor Memento
Nirvalefor Memento
Tamamohime Memento
Siren Memento
Diva Serafie Memento
Omega God Memento
Diabolos Memento
Leviathan Memento
Odin Memento
Shivalry Memento
Ifreeta Memento
Mist Dragon Memento
Nidhogg Memento
Bismarck Memento
Ultros Memento
Black Chocochick Memento
Cerberus Memento
Glow Moogle Memento
Kupicaroon Memento
Iron Giant Memento
Topaz Carbuncle Memento
Elasmos Memento
Kaguya Flan Memento
Flan Princess Memento
Malboro Menace Memento
Sphinx Memento
Phoenix Memento
Holy Dragon Memento
Titan Memento
Fenrir Memento
King Bomb Memento
Vampire Prime Memento
Asterius Memento
Buer Memento
Kraken Memento
Tiamat Memento
Tonberry King Memento
Quacho Queen Memento
Carbuncle Memento
Ramewl Memento
Kyubi Memento
Elite Entom Memento
Iron Muscles Memento
Astraea Memento
Weeglee Memento
Gleed Memento
Gleefrit Memento
Brrblizz Memento
Shivverina Memento
Shivver Memento
Joult Memento
Voultr Memento
Raiamuh Memento
Nightmare Memento
Magic Jar Memento
Gigantuar Memento
Gigantrot Memento
Paleberry King Memento
Colosseum Ticket For Cactuar Johny
Colosseum Ticket For White Chocobo
Colosseum Ticket For Glow Moogle
Colosseum Ticket For Red Bonnetberry
Colosseum Ticket For Kobolt Mimic
Colosseum Ticket For Dark Bahemoth
Colosseum Ticket For Sky Dragon
Colosseum Ticket For Crimson Armor
Colosseum Ticket For Topaz Carbuncle
Colosseum Ticket For Kaguya Flan
Colosseum Ticket For Iris
Colosseum Ticket For Nidhogg
Colosseum Ticket For Astraea
Secret Memory
Colosseum Ticket For Magitek Armor P
Colosseum Ticket For Boko
Colosseum Ticket For Miney
Colosseum Ticket For Mo
Colosseum Ticket For 2P Tama
Colosseum Ticket For 2P Serafie
Teleport Stone
Transfig Fruit
Semi-Lifetime Passess
Cornelian Letter
Warlock's Warmer
Magic Monocles
Key Of Flames
Key Of Earth
Key Of Shadow
Key Of Tides
Quacho Ruby
Kyubi Souls
Girl's Diary, Entry 1
Girl's Diary, Entry 2
Girl's Diary, Entry 3
Girl's Diary, Entry 4
Girl's Diary, Entry 5
Girl's Diary, Entry 6
Girl's Diary, Entry 7
Girl's Diary, Entry 8
Girl's Diary, Entry 9
Girl's Diary, Entry 10
Girl's Diary, Entry 11
Girl's Diary, Entry 12
Girl's Diary, Entry 13
Girl's Diary, Entry 14
Girl's Diary, Entry 15
Herald Report, Excerpt 1
Herald Report, Excerpt 2
Occult Fan, Issue 1
Occult Fan, Issue 2
Occult Fan, Issue 3
Occult Fan, Issue 4
Occult Fan, Issue 5
The Grymoirian, Issue 1
The Grymoirian, Issue 2
The Grymoirian, Issue 3
The Grymoirian, Issue 4
The Grymoirian, Issue 5
The Grymoirian, Issue 6
The Grymoirian, Issue 7
The Grymoirian, Issue 8
The Grymoirian, Issue 9
The Grymoirian, Issue 10
The Grymoirian, Issue 11
The Grymoirian, Issue 12
The Grymoirian, Issue 13
The Grymoirian, Issue 14
The Grymoirian, Issue 15
The Grymoirian, Issue 16
The Grymoirian, Issue 17
The Grymoirian, Issue 18
The Grymoirian, Issue 19
The Grymoirian, Issue 20
The Grymoirian, Issue 21
The Grymoirian, Issue 22
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 1
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 2
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 3
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 4
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 5
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 6
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 7
The Grymoirian, Bonus Issue 8
Rat Tail
Doga's Artifact
Griffin's Heart
Unei's Mirror
Feather Fleece
Added: Oct 16th

Your game is not listed? please suggest it


  • Includes real cheats - not pre-made, unchecked poor quality user submitted saves.
  • Automatically downloads the latest cheats and supported games.
  • Quick Mode allows cheats to be simply and quickly applied to your save.
  • Advanced Mode to modify your own save.
  • Automatically backs up your save before performing modifications.
  • Allows up to 2 PSN IDs to be registered and 2 clients to be activated at any one time.
  • Free support.
  • Free updates.
  • Get Save Wizard for PS4 for a one-time payment of $59.99!


  • Computer must be running a 32/64bit version - Of the following: Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • "Copy to USB Storage Device" must be enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this).
  • Any USB drive (not supplied) that is compatible with both your PlayStation 4 and computer.
  • Internet connection.
  • PlayStation 4 running 5.0 or below and supported games!
  • We recommend that automatic updates to the PlayStation 4 and/or games are turned off as these could cause compatibility problems with this product.

More Information

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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